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Free Actions for Photoshop Elements – Facebook Fix from MCP

MCP has just released a new set of free actions for Photoshop Elements!

If you are tired of the photos that you upload to Facebook looking blurry and fuzzy, this is the set for you.

MCP’s Facebook Fix contains  13 actions that will do all this for your images:

  • Size single images just right for Facebook
  • Create diptychs, with or without the words “Before” and “After” written on them
  • Change the color of the diptych frames
  • Sharpen your images, including just the Afters if that’s want you want
  • Add your logo
  • Add copyright symbols and warnings

Download Facebook Fix here from MCP Actions.  Don’t forget to check out the instructions for installation that come with your download, if you need help with that.

This set will be perfect for all those family Thanksgiving photos that you want to share!  Enjoy.

Free Actions for Photoshop Elements – Facebook Fix from MCP was last modified: May 23rd, 2015 by Erin Peloquin

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