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New Photoshop Elements Actions For Retouching – Fix Skin, Sky Color, Exposure And More

Photoshop Elements actions that paint layer masks for you.  How much time would that save you?

Bag of Tricks and Magic Skin are some of MCP’s most requested actions for Photoshop Elements.  Full Photoshop users love the way they automate image retouching and speed up their workflow.  It took months of tweaking and searching for work-arounds, and the result is a fabulous new set of products.

  • Bag of Tricks – fixes color cast, exposure, shiny skin, and blown out skies, makes studio back drops either pure black or pure white, plus much more
  • Magic Skin – removes blemishes, softens lines and wrinkles, diminishes pores, makes skin smooth and creamy, and creates even skin tones by eliminating color casts

THESE ACTIONS PAINT YOUR LAYER MASKS FOR YOU.  Yes, you read that right. Say goodbye to hours masking effects in and out.  Now, with a few clicks of your mouse, Elements will automate the bulk of the masking process.

What else can you say goodbye too?  Searching for tutorials on how to correct exposure, eliminate color casts, replace a blown out sky or bring brown grass back to life.  These actions automate the best methods for photo retouching and are completely adjustable.

Users of full Photoshop have long been accustomed to actions that find specific elements of an image and fix them.  Now, Elements users can add the same speed and efficiency to their workflow.  And say goodbye to the intimidation of not knowing how to make Elements correct a problem.

Magic Skin finds the skin in your image and fixes it.

Bag of Tricks finds a blown out sky and makes it blue.  It finds your wrinkly and shadowed white studio backdrop and turns it pure white.

Bag of Tricks makes your whites whiter and your colors brighter.

Bag of Tricks will remove reflected color casts from skin and lighten midtones for instant creaminess.

And MCP now offers three package sets of actions to Photoshop Elements users, to fulfill all your retouching needs.

Incredible Retouching Actions:  Bag of Tricks, Eye Doctor/Dentist, Magic Skin

Ultimate Portrait Package:  Complete Workflow, Eye Doctor/Dentist, Magic Skin

Amazing Faces Package:  Eye Doctor/Dentist, Magic Skin

What did the Bag of Tricks testers think?

“I was amazed by how similar the results were with these actions to the Photoshop actions.  I wasn’t expecting them to be just as good, but they really are! I think you clients will be SO pleased with them.  I know I was….I was beyond impressed with them.Bobbi-Jo Grunewald, (Photoshop CS5 user)

Another tester said:

“The actions are really AMAZING – honestly, they take care of so many of the common problems I run into in editing my photos – and SOOO much more quickly than trying to figure out how to fix things manually.  Well worth the money for the set, in my opinion, and I think Elements users are going to be very happy to have these!Rachael Boer, Bag of Tricks for PSE tester

Buy Now – All Compatible with Photoshop Elements

Bag of Tricks

Magic Skin

Incredible Retouching Actions

Ultimate Portrait Package

Amazing Faces Package

Would you like to see them in action?  Click on any of the product links and look for a video tutorial illustrating their use in Elements.  And if you have questions, use the comments below or send me an email.  I’ll talk your ear off about how proud I am of this new set!

New Photoshop Elements Actions For Retouching – Fix Skin, Sky Color, Exposure And More was last modified: May 23rd, 2015 by Erin Peloquin

One Comment

  1. ingrid Says :
    Posted on November 5, 2010 at 10:21 am

    I just recently purchased these and am lovin’ life! I don’t quite have using them to their full potential down yet but am totally pleased with what I can do with them at this time.

    Btw, I also have Eye Dr/Dentist & Complete Workflow. I hope to soon get the Finish it Action. Oh, and thanks for the tutorials you and Jodi post! 🙂

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