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MCP Four Seasons Actions for Elements – Just in Time for Fall

Are you drawn to the colors and light of the changing seasons?  Summer’s bright contrast, spring’s soft haze, winter’s crisp whites and autumn’s warm, deep, rich tones?

If you’d like to speed up your workflow while editing with those looks in mind, MCP’s Four Seasons Actions for Elements are for you.

Due to customer requests, we have broken down this HUGE action package into 4 sets.  Buy one season, or buy them all!  If you buy the entire package, you receive 4 for the price of 3.

Also, each set comes with a set of Extras to help color correct, brighten, sharpen and more.

I had a blast working with Jodi of MCP to make these actions work in Photoshop Elements for you.  I think you will enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Each of the seasonal sets includes a base action with 10-12 looks to put on top.  And each set concludes with a unique set of finishing actions specific to that season.  You can create spring mist, bring out fall colors, even add a few snowflakes to your winter scene.  Christmas card photo, anyone? 🙂

We released this set with special introductory pricing.  Purchase before November 21 and each set costs $58.  Or, pay just $175 for the entire package.  After November 21, the prices are $65 for one season and $195 for all four.


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