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Free Lightroom Presets: Social Media Templates

Showing off your photos on Facebook and Pinterest is about to get easier.  Today, MCP is announcing free Social Media Templates for Lightroom 3 and up.

Working with Jodi over at MCP, we created these 7 Lightroom templates that are yours for free! Using them is as easy as clicking and dragging, plus you can customize them with watermarks, borders and background colors.

All templates will create photo displays that are sized and sharpened appropriately for either Facebook or Pinterest.  But we suspect you’ll use them in lots of other places as well.  Blogs, websites, Flickr, forums – anywhere online that you want to display your work.

 If you like these social media templates, check out our full set of web templates – Display It for Lightroom.  Display It combines the simplicity of Lightroom with the usefulness of storyboards and collages.  It contains 55 basic templates with 99 additional variations.  From one image to 25, Display It makes displaying your images and creating storyboards click-and-drag simple!

Click here and add a quanity of 1 to the cart to download MCP’s Social Media Templates.  And the watch this video to learn how to use them.

After you’ve downloaded your free templates, check out the videos linked to at the bottom of this page about using Display It.  All the same techniques can be applied to our Social Media Templates in Lightroom – you can change the size of the templates (although we don’t recommend it for Facebook and Pinterest), or you can add watermarks, digital paper and custom color boxes.

Next step?  Start showing off your photos using these social media templates for Lightroom!  Put a link in the comments if you’d like the rest of us to see it too!


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